A montage of FatFace crew members working in-store & taking a boat trip.

FatFace is committed to recognizing and celebrating the valuable and enriching contribution that people from all backgrounds, ages, ethnicities, races, genders or gender identities, sexual orientations, religions, disabilities or other characteristics and experiences bring.

We will promote and drive equality within our workforce to ignite an inclusive foundation for us to build from and truly connect with our customers, employees and communities alike. This will create an environment free from prejudice, racism, sexism, harassment, bullying and any other form of marginalization in our work places.

Having a freedom of voice will be embedded into FatFace culture, we will provide multiple forums to facilitate transparent points of connection. We will be constantly listening, learning, evolving and adapting as we put people at the core of everything we do, and work together to build an inclusive future.

Equal opportunities are key to our recruitment strategy but also to helping our people build long lasting and successful careers. We will ensure that FatFace provides a level playing field from which everybody, without exception, can thrive.

We know our efforts in creating an inclusive and open environment for all has contributed to our addition to the Very Big Organisation category on The Sunday Times’ Best Places to Work list! We know that by allowing for everyone’s voice to be heard, we can create not only a better company and workspace, but a better world.

The Sunday Times’ Best Places to Work 2023 - Very Big Company.


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