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The journey to sustainability is ongoing, but it’s one that FatFace is committed to. Our aim is clear; to make conscious decisions that have a positive impact on our natural environment, people and local communities.

Image of cotton plant and cotton reels


Balancing quality, comfort and sustainability is key when it comes to choosing our materials. Cotton is an important fabric in our products; that’s why 100% of the cotton for our cotton products is now responsibly sourced.

Image of cotton plant and cotton reels

We’re achieving this by sourcing organically grown cotton and through membership of the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI); a non-profit organisation helping farmers to reduce the impact of cotton production on the local environment and improving the livelihood of farmers globally. Read more about our commitment to sustainable cotton here.

Cotton isn’t the only area we are working on. Many of our products are now made using recycled materials (even plastic bottles!) and all our garment care labels are made using recycled nylon. We are also members of the Leather Working Group (LWG), which seeks to improve the leather manufacturing industry by creating alignment on environmental priorities, bringing visibility to best practices and providing suggested guidelines for continual improvement.

Image of plastic bottles and a textile recycling box


We’re working hard to protect our environment. We now use less energy, reducing our carbon footprint by 8% over the past two years and we continue to increase the amount that we recycle, across our products, offices and stores.

All our carrier bags, catalogues and bags that your online orders arrive in are made from recycled materials or are sustainably sourced. We’re working on improving this even further, so expect to see some exciting packaging changes coming soon.

To help reduce the global impact of the millions of garments that are sent to landfill every year, we have textile recycling collection boxes in all our UK stores. We also donate many of our product samples to the FatFace Foundation Charity Shop. This allows us to deal with our samples responsibly as well as generating much needed funds for our charity partners and local communities.

Images of clothing suppliers holding up signs saying 'I made your clothes'


FatFace works with over 150 garment, shoes and accessories factories across 13 countries. We’ve been working with our top 20 suppliers for a combined time of 218 years and throughout that time, our relationships have been built on trust and longevity.

We pride ourselves on working with suppliers who share our values, seek to meet our high quality and ethical requirements and recognise our shared duty to limit any negative social and environmental impacts. All our factories undergo a yearly ethical assessment, and we regularly undertake factory improvement projects with key partners.

We are committed to ensuring that we have a robust approach to preventing Modern Slavery and human rights abuses within our business and supply chains. Read more here.


We are dedicated to safeguarding the welfare of animals farmed to produce the materials used in our products. You absolutely won’t find any down or feathers, fur or angora in any of our products and we’re also working with partners to improve standards in wool production. Read more about our commitment to animal welfare here.


We’re already doing so much to support our commitment to sustainability, but there is still so much more to do. We have lots more exciting initiatives in the pipeline, so watch this space….