A man sat by a boat wearing blue denim shorts and a salm pink t-shirt layered with a striped short sleeved shirt.
A complete guide to shorts.

It’s not summer until the shorts are out. We know it’s important to have the right pair to see you through the season. We’ve got all the styles you’ll need, from casual cargos and dress up chinos to easy-going pull on styles. Discover your summer style with this handy shorts guide.

We are really proud to be using responsibly sourced cotton for all our shorts and are always looking for innovative ways to reduce our impact on the planet.

What's so great

  • Waist sizes 28” – 42”
  • Up to three lengths
  • 35+ colors
  • 12 styles
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Find your style

If you’ve enjoyed browsing our range of men’s shorts, then why not take a look at our jeans and pants categories too. For full sized alternatives. But wait. There’s more. Your summer get up won’t be complete without a hat, to keep you safe from the sun and stylish at the same time. And don’t forget, you’ll need a pair of flip-flops as you stroll across the sandy plains of the beach. Of course, there’s the rest of our men’s categories to choose from too.

Get ready for summer now.