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The A-Z of Date Night

October 08, 2021

Looking for some inspired ideas to try together? There's more than dinner on the menu with our alphabet dating ideas to try this weekend...

A rack of different coloured bowling balls at a bowling alley.

Afternoon Tea

Dates don’t always have to happen after dark, spend an afternoon indulging in tea and cake – what's not to love?


Whether you go for the strike or end up in the gutters, bowling gives you lots of time to chat, have fun and get moving. Just remember you will have to wear bowling shoes, so make sure you’ve got the right outfit prepared!

Comedy night

What’s better than spending an evening spent laughing together? Have a giggle at your local comedy club or theater venue – it's where all the big names like Jim Carrey and Louie Anderson started.

A man & woman cooking a meal together.

Drive-In Movie Theater

Drive-ins thrived during the pandemic and it looks like they're going to stay popular; especially with movie fans who love to snuggle up while eating popcorn. It’s a super cozy way to spend the evening, just make sure you wrap up warm!

Exercise Together

If you're already making time in your day to work out, why not do it together? Whether it’s a walk, run or full-on HIIT class, exercising together means built-in quality time during the day (or night).

Foodie Fun

Why not learn a new skill together and sign up for a cookery course together? After all, don’t they say the way to a person's heart is through their stomach?

A man & woman hiking through a forest with backpacks.


Join the globe’s largest treasure hunt together with the help of Geocaching, all that’s needed is a want for adventure and the coordinates to find the treasure.


Hiking is a great adventure for you to try together. Get physical as well as romantic as you take in the beautiful views and take the time to enjoy each other’s company. Just make sure you plan the lunches on the way...

Ice skating

Unless you’re a semi-professional, there is every likelihood that a trip to the ice rink will end up in giggles and cold, wet bottoms. A great way to both be bad at something together.

Jigsaw Puzzles

How do you play? Solo or together, jigsaw puzzles are a lovely, calm and mindful activity to enjoy together. Plan for a rainy Sunday afternoon by the fire and enjoy the peace and quiet.


Get wet and wild with a date on the water and hire a tandem or solo kayak for the afternoon. Pack a picnic to take with you and explore for the whole day, or simply have a few hours of fun and discover the quiet waterways together.

Live Music

Do you know what your other half likes listening to? Many of us don’t so why not mix your date nights up a bit and check out some fabulous live music. You won’t need to worry about any awkward silences and you may get a dance in as well!

2 people in a green kayak on a river.
A man & woman snuggling on a sofa, watching Netflix with popcorn & wine.


For a real treat, why not book in a couples massage? Great for relaxing and really being in the moment together, you can always arrange your own DIY massages at home if you’re not ready to hit the spa.

Netflix & Chill

Plan the snacks. Choose who has the remote (you!). Get the lighting right. Find the comfy bit on the sofa. Sorted.

Out by the Ocean

Grab a blanket, plan the playlist and pack a picnic – now you’re set for an evening of relaxation and romance on the beach.

A woman wearing a pink jumper & blue jeans, holding a glass of red wine & enjoying a picnic on a blanket.


We are not talking about ready-made sandwiches here... Make it special and go old-school with a classic picnic basket filled with scrumptious foods, like strawberries and chocolate, wine, a cozy blanket, and flowers.

Quizzo (or Trivia Night)

Do you know everything about each other? Either set up your own quiz at home or head out and join in the fun at your local bar... there could even be prizes to be won!

Rock Climbing

Indoor or outdoor, the choice is yours. Rock climbing is the perfect activity for building trust and getting fit in the process.


Pack a blanket, some cozy pillows and take a drive out into the countryside to find a secluded area to pitch up and enjoy the view.

Theme Parks

Whether you are new to dating or have been going out for years, you will never run out of things to do at a theme park. Leave the kids at home and try all the crazy rides and games – you will not be bored!

Two people standing in a field, one holding a wicker basket of grapes.

U-Pick Farm

Find a PYO farm and go and spend a morning picking your own fruits and veggies before taking them home and making something delicious. With Halloween around the corner, why not find a pumpkin patch near you and try some carving?

Vineyard Tours

One for wine lovers, discover how the grape gets to your glass at one of your local vineyards. Many have a restaurant and wine pairing menu to enjoy, so make sure you arrange for a cab to take you home.

White Water Rafting

If you’re a lover of the great outdoors and adventure, then white water rafting is the perfect date night idea. Experience the exhilarating white knuckle river rapid rides and get that adrenaline pumping.


We love to travel, but how well do we know our own back yards? Xploring your home’s heritage can help you get a better understanding of its history and the secrets it may hold. This can be as simple as finding a new beauty spot. And who better to share this journey with than someone you love?


We already know yoga strengthens the body, mind and spirit, but it can also strengthen your own bonds, especially when you do it together. Check out classes specifically for couples yoga or try a few downward dogs and sun salutations yourselves at home.


It doesn’t matter how old you are, you will love the rush you get from zipwiring. Try and find somewhere you can do it together at the same time, but if not then it is still pretty romantic to literally jump off and fast wire it into their open arms.

Two women in helmets & harnesses, preparing to zip line.

Have you got some better ideas for us to try? Let us know how you are changing up your date nights by sharing your stories with us on Instagram & Facebook.

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