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Our journey to sustainability

January 19, 2020

The journey to sustainability is ongoing and it’s one that FatFace is committed to. We’re not there yet, but our destination is on the horizon and our aim is clear; to make the most sustainable choices for our product, our planet and our community.

A woman standing on a pebble beach, wearing a coat and jeans while holding a scarf in the air.
A sprig of growing cotton.


We’re committed to using more sustainable materials.

100% of the cotton for our cotton products is now sustainably sourced. We’ve achieved this by sourcing organically grown cotton and through membership of the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI); a non-profit organisation helping farmers to reduce the impact of cotton production on the local environment and improving the livelihood of farmers globally.

We want to keep making changes for the better. by 2025…

And that’s not all…

Find out more about how we’re committed to making our products more sustainable.

A woman wearing a cord dress and ankle boots, playfully bending over.
A pair of jeans placed into our new sustainable packaging.


We’re committed to reducing our impact on the planet and we’re working hard to take care of the places where we play.

We now use less energy, having reduced our carbon footprint by 8% over the past two years.

We’ve switched our product bags to recycled plastic, and our online delivery bags are now made of recycled paper.

All the paper for our store carrier bags and catalogues is either recycled or sustainably sourced.

By placing textile recycling collection boxes in all our UK stores, we are helping reduce the global impact of the millions of garments that are sent to landfill every year. To date, we have collected and diverted over 1.7 tonnes of textiles and footwear.

And there’s more…

By 2025...

We will be carbon neutral. We’ll achieve this by reducing our Co2 emission by at least 40% and offsetting the remaining Co2 emissions by planting trees and supporting projects that reduce Co2 emissions globally.

We will not send any of our waste to landfill.

We will eliminate single use plastic across our business.

100% of the energy powering our head office and UK stores will come from renewable sources.

Find out more here.

A young boy playfully running along the beach, his jacket open like a cape.
The FatFace team wearing red Palace to Palace jersey tops, who cycled 45 miles each for charity.


We are committed to supporting our local communities.

Since 2009, the FatFace Foundation has donated over £1 million to local, national and international charities close to our heart. Highlights include…

£50,000 donated to the Nepal Earthquake Appeal in 2015.

£200,000 donated to local charities through our Thanks for Giving fundraising initiative in 2016 and £100,000 in 2017.

£45,000 donated to the Prince’s Trust in 2018 and £45,000 in 2019, investing in the future of young people.

£73,000 donated to Munch in 2018, helping to ensure no child need go hungry during the school holidays.

£158,000 donated to Shelter, the housing and homelessness charity, in 2019 through donating 10% of sales from selected FatFace products.

And we’re not stopping there…

Find out how else we are supporting our local communities

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