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The Breton Tee Through Time

June 05, 2021

It’s a favorite of ours (and yours), but where did the humble Breton Tee come from?

In 1868 an official order was introduced in Brittany, France, which made the striped shirt the uniform of the French Navy. Each one had 21 white stripes, measuring 2cm in width, and 21 blue stripes at 1cm. Not only were the stripes easier to spot in the sea if a sailor fell overboard, but it’s said that the stripes represented each one of Napoleon’s victories in battle.

The beautiful coastline of Brittany, France – with clear blue sea and lush green vegetation.

The Breton Tee was designed to be practical. It was the perfect length to cover the lower back, and not too loose so that it didn’t risk getting caught on anything during work. Because of this, the famous stripe tee became popular with workers in Brittany as it was so easy to wear — and still is to this day!

A woman wearing a white Breton T-shirt with black stripes, pale green crop pants & white sandals.

Over the years, loads of designers have included the famous stripe as part of their collection, and it’s become a firm wardrobe staple for both men and women. We’ve gone to great lengths to get our Breton T-Shirt the best it’s ever been. Each one is made from 100% organic cotton — a super soft material that’s better for the environment, for the people who produce it, and for you. By using sustainable forms of cotton in our tops, we’re committed to continuing to improve people’s livelihoods and protecting the environment wherever we can.

A woman wearing a long-sleeved Breton striped T-shirt with jeans, a selection of other colour options, & raw organic cotton.

We’ve added a tonne of flattering features to our Breton Tee too — from the boat-shaped neckline and dropped back, to the curved hems for a great fit. You can discover them in a whole range of colors and stripes to become the most well-loved layering piece in your wardrobe.

How you wear yours

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3 women showcase outfitting options for the Breton tee; worn with wide crop trousers, dungarees, or vintage embellishments.
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