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The Iconic Airlie Sweatshirt

April 23, 2019

The Airlie is our oldest and most loved friend and has been a favorite of yours for almost 20 years now.

We’ve sold over 1 million and some say that today our Airlie Sweatshirt is the best it’s ever been and for that, we’ve decided give it the attention it deserves.

Female  model wearing a white and pink striped half neck Airlie sweatshirt and a male model wearing navy and green half neck Airlie Sweatshirt.

The Airlie has lived many lives, from Sunday-best to Gardening-Scruff (and everything in-between). We take care of it — right down to the smallest detail — because of the stories it holds, and because we want The Airlie to walk the walk and keep taking part in your stories outside your 9 to 5.

Built to Last
& Carefully Crafted

No stone’s been left unturned when it comes to perfecting your Airlie Sweatshirt. The hard-wearing exterior, the soft brushed lining, the cord-lined neck, the label, the piping, the stitching and the zip. It’s made from heavy pique fabric using industrial strength sewing machines – in fact, it’s so tough, only a few factories in the world can make it.

We put so much scrutiny into our design because we know how important the Airlie is — how special it is to us, but more importantly how special it is to you.

Close up of a male model wearing a navy and green half neck Airlie sweatshirt.

How Do You Wear Yours?

Check out how some of you are wearing the Airlie. If you’re feeling inspired, we’d love to see what you’ve been getting up to in yours; mention us @fatfaceusa and #fatfacemoments and share your Airlie stories with us.

A group of people all holding, I made your bag, signs in a factory.

Find your perfect Airlie Sweatshirt; we've got styles for all the family for you to discover...

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