Fat Base

From designing our kit, right through to the moment we send it out to our stores and customers, Fat Base is where it happens. Located on the south coast, a stone's throw away from Portsmouth and just over an hour from London, we're set in a great place for not only an exciting and rewarding career, but also enjoying life outside the 9 to 5. Together with a fulfilling role, we'll also give you a great place to work.

When creating Fat Base, we wanted to bring an essence of what we're all about; reminding us all of the importance of life outside the 9 to 5. From meetings in a caravan, to lunch at a surfboard in the Fat Shack Cafť, this couldn't be any further from your average office. So wear what you want (as long as it doesn't involve a suit) and just be yourself.

Where is Fat base? Right here in Havant that's where
The great Fat Face snowball fight
Bike ride
Fat Face Crew in Chichester
Christmas party time
Beach bbq Fat Face style

Thinking about relocating? Many of our crew started their careers in big cities, but changed pace and moved to the coast, so, the question is, why come to Fat Base?
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Who lives at Fat Base?

  • Design, Buying, Merchandising and Sourcing

  • Creative, VM and Marketing

  • Retail Operations, Wholesale and Property

  • E-Commerce

  • Customer Services

  • Finance, HR and IT

  • Distribution Centre

Embrace life outside the 9 to 5...

On your doorstop you will find:

  • A hive of activities including windsurfing, sailing, mountain biking and more

  • Beautiful countryside, great beaches, historic ports and pretty market towns

  • Air connections via Southampton airport, just 30 minutes away