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Female and Male FatFace models wearing check shirts and sitting in the sun.


our spirit

Absolutely everything we do is designed to be loved by all our customers for life outside the 9-5. It's always been our sense of adventure and fun that makes us who and what we are. We're more than just ordinary. And so are our clothes.

Mixture of men, women and children FatFace model wearing the Summer collection.

our clothes

Authentically designed in the UK, our clothes are made using high quality materials that are built to last. Our unique designs give you that worn well look that you’ll love for years to come. Our clothes deliver great value through trusted quality, considered style and competitive pricing. For work, for chilling, for play. For every day. We want people to love wearing our clothes.

Detail close up images of fabric next to sketches of the Sussex Jacket.

designed by us

From vintage markets to faraway lands, old country homes to rugged coastlines — our designers find inspiration everywhere. Our designs are completely original, from the cut and cloths, right down to the trims and prints.

built to last

Crafted with care, our clothes are made to take whatever life throws at them. Which means we choose fabrics that go the distance and use rugged stitching and construction. These are clothes designed to be lived-in — and loved — for the long term.

Close up image of the detailing on the Breakyard Cargo Shorts.
Collage of images showing the various ways FatFace contributes to sustainable fashion

we care

Everything at FatFace is crafted thoughtfully, with the unique details and high quality fabrics sourced and crafted with sustainability in mind. We tread lightly wherever we go; from sourcing responsibly, to supporting the Better Cotton Initiative, to supporting local communities with the FatFace Foundation.

A family with two children all wearing Airlie Sweatshirts, standing on a beach.

our iconic pieces

Since 1988, we've created the products that have become your all time favorites, season after season. These iconic products keep returning in new colors, with added twists that you're sure to love.

Collage made up of small images of FatFace through the years.


We do all this for you. Because we want you to love everything we do. We’ve come a long way in 30 years. And our journey continues. We’re FatFace. More than just ordinary, since 1988.