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Create a working from home haven with these six top tips

December 17, 2020

If you are at home, struggling to get comfy and finding yourself playing musical chairs between your couch, bed, table and every other piece of furniture you own, you’ve come to the right place. Working from home can have its challenges, so to help, we’ve put together some top tips to boost your wellbeing and productivity and create a working from home haven.

A woman wearing a mustard yellow chunky knit jumper and bangles working on a laptop.

1. Take regular breaks

It can be so easy to fall out of a structured routine when you work from home. With no colleagues there to remind you to take a break, make a cup of coffee or take lunch, you can easily fall into the trap of staying at the screen for too long without a break.

Why not set regular alarms on your mobile or on your computer’s calendar to remind yourself to take those all-important five minutes? Step away from the screen, take a breath, eat and reset.

A woman in a cream roll neck jumper holding a Poppy patterned mug in her hands.
Delicious home made flapjacks with oats, raisins and pistachios.

2. Healthy snacking

While it is tempting to raid the cookie jar every time you make a cup of coffee, try to stick to a normal routine when it comes to meal prep and snacking.

If you’re an avid meal prepper, try and stick to your food schedule and plan your meals as you would if you were heading into the office. Yes, we all deserve a sugary treat to help us through the day, but unhealthy snacking long-term while at home could lead to you feeling sluggish, less positive and battling those unwanted sugar crashes.

3. Avoid clutter

Whether you have a dedicated home office or need to share the living room with a loved one or friend, avoiding clutter is a good way to help ease your mind and safeguard your wellbeing. Set out items you need for the day in neat piles, and pack away anything else that’s not needed. Place work bags out of sight in other rooms and reuse mugs rather than cluttering up your workspace (and headspace) with stacks of coffee cups.

Feeling less cluttered will set you in good stead for the rest of the day, keep you from feeling irritable and brighten your outlook.

A tidy, clutter-free desk with a laptop, pen, desktop PC and a potted plant.

4. Dress accordingly

Conference call at 1pm, so in your PJs all morning? This certainly has its downsides (even though it’s comfy)! Try treating your time working from home as if you are heading into the office. Get up and shower, eat a healthy breakfast to make a good start to the day and get out of your PJs.

A female model wearing a short sleeved cropped leg blue jumpsuit with a floral pattern, and white lace up pumps.
A selection of jewellery inspired by nature, including star rings, dragonfly earrings, and bee-themed necklaces.

Try our soft and comfy lounge joggers and hoodies, for a cosy outfit to wear at home, or even dress up a little while still staying comfortable with a stylish jumpsuit. Why not even add some jewelry? Guaranteed to make you look and feel great while you take to those all-important online meetings. Then reward a hard day’s work by slipping into a cosy pajama set, with help from the FatFace loungewear and nightwear selection.

5. Let the light in

Head down, typing away and forgotten to open the curtains? You’re not alone. Most of us forget there is a world out there when we are busy beavering away and hammering the keyboard.

Nothing beats getting up, opening the curtains or blinds and letting the sunlight pour in. Why not open the windows or back door to refresh your house with some clear air?

If you’re lucky enough to have a balcony or patio doors, throw them open and embrace the sight and sound of the great outdoors. This is guaranteed to boost your mood and help you throughout your daily tasks.

A large window letting bright light into a room, with lots of potted plants on and around the sill.
Two women walking along a grassy coastal path, beneath a blue sky.

6. Avoid feeling isolated

There are many tips and tricks that can help you avoid feeling isolated, particularly if you are working from home alone:

  • ⦁ Keep connected with family and loved ones over the phone/video calls
  • ⦁ Check in on neighbors at a safe distance
  • ⦁ Keep up to date with news and wider global updates
  • ⦁ Pop out for a short walk, while observing social distancing
  • ⦁ Listen to a podcast or take to an online exercise class
  • ⦁ Write your thoughts down in a diary, notebook or journal

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A little extra...

The FatFace Crew are working from home too, and our pets have been doing their part to keep up morale. Here are Nya, Teddy & Pepper all helping out!

A fluffy cat sitting on a couch behind a laptop. A beagle sitting with his paw on a desk. A tortoiseshell cat sat on a desk.
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