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Introducing our Best Ever Jeans

August 21, 2018

Jeans. We love them. And we’re really passionate about every little detail when it comes to making them. From the very first design sketches, to sourcing the best quality denim, our denim designer Jo has been on a mission to create our best ever jeans, for you.

The best ever men's jeans from FatFace, in better fits and washes than ever
FatFace denim designer Jo, who's been on a mission to create better jeans than ever

What makes them so great?

The denim

The longer you wear your jeans, the more character they take on. That’s why we use only premium quality denim. It’s built to last, shape to your lifestyle and gets better with age. It's produced sustainably too, using new washing techniques that use less water than conventional methods.

The premium quality denim fabric that FatFace jeans are made from

The fit

We’ve worked tirelessly on improving the fit of our jeans to give you the ultimate in comfort and style. No nonsense fads, just classic fits that you can rely on. Whatever your shape or style, we’ve got the perfect fit for you. But don’t just take our word for it, have a look at our women’s or men’s styles here.

The men's and women's new denim fits, modelled at FatFace

The detail

Strong stitching, premium quality buttons, rivets and zips, genuine leather patches and even extra special touches that only you will see.

It's the small little details that make our jeans so great, from the buttons, rivets and zips, to the genuine leather patches

We use natural indigo dyes to produce that rich shade of blue you love. The more the fabric is dyed, the darker it becomes. And it’ll fade more too, making it unique as time goes on.

All the pre-dyed and washed threads that go into making premium quality FatFace jeans

And let’s not forget the extensive stretch and recovery testing we put our jeans through, just so we know they’ll keep their shape, whatever you’re getting up to in them.

The extensive stretch and recovery testing FatFace put their jeans through, just so they know they’ll keep their shape

Love your jeans

To keep your jeans looking as good as new, follow these tips:

  • Try not to wash your jeans too often. If you’ve got a bad patch or stain, use a damp cloth to remove it instead. This will help them keep their colour for longer.
  • If you do need to wash them (and we understand!), turn them inside out. And put them on a cooler wash. In fact, stretchy jeans will benefit from this every now and then to help them get back to their original shape.
  • Step away from the dryer. And stay away from the sun. Denim lasts better if it’s dried naturally indoors, at its own time and pace. They’re best dried inside out too.
  • This might sound crazy, but for the real denim enthusiasts among you; put your jeans in the freezer. No, honestly. It will kill bacteria and smells without the need to go near a washing machine! And it takes no effort. At all.