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March 17, 2019

Pink. It’s the color of love. A color that can be both gentle and calming, eye popping and bold. Whether you’re going all-out pink, color clashing or adding a touch of color here and there, pink is the perfect way to breathe some life into your look. If you’re looking for a bit of inspiration or just a couple of style tips, check out our handy style guide on how you can introduce more pink into your wardrobe.

A brown-haired model wears a FatFace pink stripe tee and bright pink leggings


Be bold, be brave, be pink! Nothing says ‘statement’ better than going top-to-toe in pink. Wear darker pieces with lighter pinks to break up the color, or choose a statement piece - like a candy stripe dress or long sleeve rugger shirt - to really make your look stand out.

Olivia Stripe Shirt, $60 | Sadie Skinny Trousers, $75

A selection of FatFace clothes available at FatFace, from a plain t-shirt to a stripe dress, worn on models


A little splash of pink here and there will make your look feel new and fresh. Whether it’s a pink shirt layered over a plain tee, a coral skirt with a white blouse, or a rose-tinted top peeking out between your double denim, a little bit of pink is really all you need.

Hawnby Organic Cotton T-Shirt, $35

A male model wears double denim with a pink tee poking out
A pink plain shirt and rose-coloured knee length skirt from FatFace, both worn by models
A pink denim jacket worn with a green stripe dress from FatFace, worn by a red-haired model


Can’t decide on which color to wear? Be brave and clash! Wear a pink jacket over a green stripe dress, or choose a tee with contrasting stripes to try something a little different.

Tasha Denim Jacket, $75 | Aubrey Stripe Dress $80


Going somewhere nice this year? Get set for summer by adding a splash of pink to your swimwear. You’ll really make a beachside statement while embracing that holiday vibe.

Bandeau Bikini Top, $30 | Bikini Bottoms, $25 | Camber Swim Shorts, $50

Pink swimwear from FatFace, worn by both a male and female model

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