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Putting Our Best Foot Forward

February 18, 2019

Step by step, we’re working to reduce our impact on the environment, making the small (and big) changes that add up to make a real difference. Introducing our brand new Sustainable Sneaks. They’re a result of us challenging ourselves and our suppliers to try and make these changes, working closely with our product and design teams to be the change we want to see. The outcome? 100% organic cotton sneakers with clean lines and a modern ethos.

From the top

We’re serious about organic cotton – as part of our commitment to source all our cotton in a sustainable manner by 2020, the hard-wearing canvas upper on our new Sustainable Sneaks is made from 100% organic cotton. This means that no chemicals or pesticides were used to grow the cotton, reducing the environmental and human impact of cotton production.

A woman’s legs crossed over and wearing white lace up trainers

Sneakers with soul

The soles are made from a mixture of sustainably sourced and recycled rubber. Pure rubber is made from sap that is ‘tapped’ from rubber trees grown in a plantation certified to The Forest Stewardship Council® standards. The pure rubber is processed into sheets and sent to the manufacturer where it is mixed with recycled rubber then cut, formed and ‘cooked’ (vulcanized if we’re being technical) into shape to form the sole.

A man working at a rubber tree plantation and pure rubber being manufactured.

The recycled rubber makes up 10% of the material in the sole and is made from ground down off cuts from the same factory. Using this material prevents it from going to landfill and adds a subtle texture that’s unique every time and looks great.

When finished, every pair is tied together with a cotton ribbon – so no need for plastic hangers!

A tropical forest with a wood cabin surrounded by palm trees.

Good for all

The Forest Stewardship Council helps take care of the world’s forests for future generations. The plantation from which we source our FSC-certified material take care of the community that surrounds it too - if tapping is rained off, other duties are found to ensure workers still get paid.

We’ve kept the environment, people and their futures in mind from start to finish, so you can feel good from head to toe every time you step out in a pair of our Sustainable Sneaks.