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Staying in is the new going out

December 16, 2020

This year, it’s all about staying in. When it’s cold and dark outside, nothing beats getting bundled up in comfy clothes – and with less parties to go to and more time spent indoors these days, we’re finding new ways to enjoy a cozy night at home.

We’ve put together the perfect selection of things to do this winter, when all there is to do is get cozied up inside with your loved ones. So, pop on your loungewear and get comfy, because staying in is the new going out…

Woman wearing a grey & white gingham pyjama set, eating popcorn on a sofa draped in blankets.
A couple enjoying a cheese board with glasses of white wine, & a woman in a black spot mesh dress holding a champagne flute.

Cheese and wine tasting:

If going out for dinner isn’t an option for you this year, why not stay in with everyone’s favorite iconic duo – cheese and wine.

It’s a classic combo that offers so much variety and you don’t have to be a vineyard veteran or an expert in fromage fineries to get involved. Why not start with what you know you love, even if it’s a block of cheddar and a bottle of bargain plonk.

If you are feeling a little more adventurous with your choices try visiting a local deli or cheesemaker to get some more extravagant (which are often quite stinky) cheeses as well as artisan breads and chutneys.

As far as wines go, there are a few apps that can help if you’re unsure on what to go for. Wine can often be overwhelming so try the Vivino or Decanter apps that allow you to scan labels and read reviews before you buy. You’ll be a connoisseur in no time!

Movie night:

We’ve all probably spent a little more time in front of the TV than usual this year, but when you’re planning a cozy night in, movies are always a big hit.

Grab your duvets and blankets and snuggle up on the couch with a big bowl of popcorn to share. Whether it’s a children’s classic with the little ones or that box office smasher that you couldn’t see at the cinema. Movie night is guaranteed to win everyone over.

4 small children sitting on cushions watch in a movie on a TV on the wall.
A wooden bowl full of popcorn.

Homemade Popcorn… plus some fancy toppings:

You can’t have a movie night without popcorn, but it’s even better when you liven up this classic movie companion with fancy toppings.

If you have a sweet tooth, then why not try melting chocolate or caramel and then lay out your popcorn on a baking tray and drizzle the mix all over it for a super indulgent sweet treat?

Savoury popcorn shouldn’t be overlooked either, and it doesn’t just have to be salted. How about melting some butter in a pan, then adding the popcorn along with a good grind of black pepper and some freshly grated parmesan? Trust us, you’ll love it!

Listen to old records:

It’s so easy to pick and choose what music we listen to in the modern world. With the freedom that comes with listening to our favorite tunes on the likes of Spotify or YouTube, we sometimes forget the old records we used to play in full. You may have a much-loved vinyl record collection or a box full of classic 80s and 90s CDs. This is the perfect opportunity to switch off the smartphones, light some candles, put the nostalgic tunes on and have a fun evening singalong. Dancing and sharing your favorite music with the people closest to you – just perfect.

A stack of old vinyl records next to a record player on a table.
Five dice and a selection of carved wooden pieces laid out on a games board.

Games night

A games night can be so much fun for all the family, no matter what their age. ‘Who am I?’ or Charades are classics that will get everyone giggling and can be played with little or no equipment. If you’re a little more organised, a quiz can be great fun as you can prep the questions to suit all abilities and categories. You can even get some of your friends or extended family involved if you set up a video call.

If it’s a cozy evening for two, then why not try a card game? Rummy is a good one, and it’s super quick to pick up if you’ve never played before. Enjoy!


We’ve all spent a little more time at home this year, so now is a great time to think of some new and fun ways to spend some quality time together. It’s still our favorite time of year to get all bundled up when it’s cold outside, so get kitted out with the softest and comfiest nightwear and loungewear for the perfect night in.

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