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Mindful Wrapping

November 14, 2022

We can all picture this familiar scene — shortly after the present-opening frenzy on Christmas morning, we’re faced with a mountain-sized pile of wrapping paper.

But did you know that the large majority of Christmas and birthday wrapping paper we buy from the shops can’t be recycled due to inks, glitter and lamination used to create the pretty designs and shiny finish?

This Christmas, forgo the non-recyclable paper and wrap your thoughtful gifts in a mindful way using our paper bags! Once you’ve bought your goodies in one of our stores, take your bags home and follow the easy steps below.

  1. Cut along the dotted lines of the bag
  2. Cut out the tag (from the top section) and place to one side
  3. Cut along the seam of the bag to open out the sheet
  4. Wrap and seal your gift with paper tape, and tie using your choice of string
  5. Write your tag and pop it under the string with a festive decoration to finish
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