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Mindful Wrapping

December 05, 2018

We can all picture this familiar scene — shortly after the present-opening frenzy on Christmas morning, we're faced with a mountain-sized pile of wrapping paper.

A selection of much more eco-friendly wrapping paper to help the environment this Christmas

But did you know that the large majority of Christmas and birthday wrapping paper we buy from the shops can’t be recycled, due to inks, glitter and lamination used to create the pretty designs and shiny finish?

This Christmas, forgo the non-recyclable paper and wrap those thoughtful gifts in a mindful way that helps care for the environment. These ideas are sustainable, thoughtful and will really stand out under the tree!

Brown kraft paper with fun doodles on them, used to create eco-friendly wrapping paper


Kraft paper is fully recyclable and cheap, too! It’s a classic, but looks gorgeous when simply finished with string, doilies, candy canes and foliage, for example. We also love the idea of adding your own doodles or paper games for added fun!


Unwrap the presents you receive carefully and keep back for next year or birthdays in between. Newspaper, pages from magazines and maps will stand out and can create interesting patterns. You could even personalise the pages you choose for each person around their interests or places they’ve been.

Fabric and old used to wrap Christmas presents - an eco-friendly way to present gifts


Rather than throwing away old t-shirts, scarves, tea towels still in good condition, recycle them or new fabric using a Japanese technique called ‘Furoshiki’ to fabric wrap your gifts. Wrapping presents can be more creative this year by using materials you have lying around the house or the office. Still have socks from last Christmas that you’ve not worn? You just need scissors & twine to create a cute new wrapping style.


Say no to plastic ribbon this Christmas! Check the shoulders of your tops and dresses for those little ribbon loops – they’re really handy for tying on tags. Strips of old clothing or fabric can be used in place of plastic ribbons and bows, and it’s worth practicing securing your wrapping with string or twine and cutting the use or plastic sticky tape that can take years to decompose.

Toilet roll holders make great gift wrap for jewellery, as shown here with a selection of great gifts


It may sound a bit odd saving your loo roll tubes for Christmas wrapping but – trust us – they make great jewellery or gift card holders. Just bend the edges in, tie with strong and involve the little ones in decorating them.


Make the wrapping part of the gift by using reusable tins, mason jars or tote bags to hide presents in.

It's so easy to be more mindful this Christmas and the family can be involved too, so just have fun and get creative with photo-ready wrapping. Tag @fatface and #timewellspent on Instagram; we'd love to see them!

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