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Make Your Own Festive Wreath

October 31, 2020

Creating your own wreath will not only keep a few pennies in the Christmas piggy bank, but it’s also a great excuse to get outside and explore your local woodland. Spend the morning foraging and the afternoon doing some cosy crafts at home. Perfect!

Our handmade wreath, which you can make by following easy steps on the FatFace blog


Wire wreath ring
Scissors and/or wire cutters
Florist wire
Foliage (if you’re not feeling wild about foraging, you can get this from your local florist)
Hessian ribbon
Decorations (pine cones/baubles)

All the materials and tools you'll need to make your own wreath for Christmas


1.Take your wire wreath and attach a long piece of wire

2. Lay the moss on top of the wire wreath, wrapping the piece of wire around it to secure in place. Continue until the wire wreath is completely covered with moss. Make sure the moss is well tucked in and solid.

The wire wreath that you will need to make your own wreath

3. Take a small selection of foliage (a variety of colours and textures) and lay all pieces the same way so that the stalks are together. Use an additional piece of wire to secure the stalks to the moss by wrapping it over the top of them.

All the foliage and stalks that you need to wrap around your Christmas wreath

4. Grab a second bundle of foliage and layer this over the stalks of the first one, again securing with the wire. Repeat this process until the moss ring is completely covered with foliage. Tie off the wire at the end and remove any excess.

Start wrapping green foliage around the wire wreath to start creating it
Start wrapping green foliage around the wire wreath to start creating it

5. Take your decorations and attach a length of wire to each one. Attach them to the wreath by push the wire right through the moss, bending the ends back on themselves to secure them.

The green foliage, all wrapped round the wire wreath, with the Christmas wreath starting to come together

6. Create a bow using your hessian or ribbon, leaving two long ties to make a handle. Tie the bow on to the thinnest part of the wreath, likely to be where you added the last bundle of foliage. Tie together your two long ties to complete your handle.

Add a pretty bow to your Christmas wreath to finish it off
The Christmas wreath, fully finished and created with foliage and a ribbon

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