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Christmas Traditions We Love

November 03, 2022

Christmas comes but once a year, which is why we love to make the most of it. From past to present, old and new – it’s the traditions we keep that help make the festive spirit come to life. Looking for some inspiration ourselves, we asked our crew to share with us what they like to do each year, when Santa comes to town…

A boy wearing a Walrus character onesie with navy cuffs, & a girl wearing a Zebra character onesie with pink cuffs.
A girl & a boy wearing matching red Fair Isle knitted sweaters; her with a star print navy dress, him with a hat & blue jeans.

“As all of my siblings are now married with kids, we’ve decided not to do alternate years spending Christmas with different families (and risk never being all in the same place on the same year). So instead we have “Blacklock Christmas” (or more accurately, “Proper Christmas”), usually on the 27th December.

It means we can all see both sides of our families and still have our cherished family day spent eating my Mum’s incomparable Christmas trifle and wading through clouds of wrapping paper. It gets more and more hectic each year as new children arrive and we welcome the occasional extended familial guest.”

Jane Blacklock

“For the last three years in the Design Department, we’ve been making Christmas presents for each other - secret Santa style. We’ve had homemade candles, soaps, Christmas tree decorations, knitted hats, snow globes - we’re nailing the make and mend tradition!”

Hannah Wiltshire

A variety of toiletries & gifts, a selection of dogs' accessories, & a girl jumping off the steps of a wooden cabin.
A man wearing a hat, scarf, gloves & a warm coat over a sweatshirt. Two sets of kids' PJs & a stack of neatly wrapped gifts.

“Every Christmas Eve before they go to bed, my children are allowed to open one present from Mummy & Daddy… New pyjamas!

They love the thrill of getting to open something early, insisting on wearing them immediately, and we love how extra-cute the Christmas morning photos are! Win-Win!”

Claire Stanojevic

“Our favourite Christmas tradition is our Christmas Eve boxes. We open them around 5-6pm on Christmas Eve and then spend the evening as a family in our PJs under blankets, doing the activities from the box and getting excited for the next day. Best quality time ever!”

Lisa Oliver

“Christmas Eve starts with saying goodbye to our Elf ‘Clarence’, who delivers a new pair of PJs, hot choc and a new Disney movie for the kids. We track Santa on the NORAD website to see whereabouts he is. Then the kids will put out a mince pie and a port for Santa and a carrot for Rudolf and they lay out their Christmas sacks in the lounge in their chosen spots!”

Maria Lunn

Two women dressed in warm layers under falling snow. A man dressed in a smart shirt. A family wearing matching check PJs.
Two women dressed up for an occasion; one holding a fabric-wrapped gift, the other a glass cup of mulled wine.

“For the last two years we have been writing anonymous notes with friends, letting each person know why they are special/inspirational to us. These then get folded up and posted in to a little mail box for each family.

It’s free and is about giving inspiration rather than a gift.”

Pete Rohansten

“My job each year is to make the Christmas Day trifle, which must be full of sherry (at least quarter of a bottle). I look forward to playing random board games with the family and going on ‘the long walk’ in Windsor to burn off the turkey.”

Jo Murray

“At the beginning of December, The Rowans Hospice put on a lake of lights event raising money for charity, I go to this alone (by choice) to wish my loved ones that have passed a Merry Christmas whilst listening to the choir sing.”

Charlotte Matthews

A variety of women's hats, gloves & scarves. Gifts wrapped in recyclable paper. A woman wrapped up warm for winter.

Feeling inspired, or have a tradition you’d like to share with us? We’d love to hear from you! Tag @fatfaceusa on Instagram.

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