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How to be happier - with Anna Mathur

February 02, 2021

There’s always a reason to be happy. Yes, often it can be very tough to find those reasons amongst the everyday stresses and curveballs life is throwing at us; but they really are there. As part of our focus on wellbeing, psychotherapist Anna Mathur took the time to talk to us on Instagram about ‘how to be happier’; something we believe most of us can benefit from, especially now.

“Happiness and circumstance don’t always go together, which is actually really wonderful to know, because that means your happiness doesn’t have to rely on what’s going on in the wider picture of your life…”

In the video, Anna gives tips and tools to help you find more happiness, not just through lockdown, but for the rest of your life. Once again, Anna speaks openly about her personal experiences, how these methods have helped her in the past, and how they can help you.

“Take a moment to think, what does happiness mean for you?”

Whether you’re feeling like things are tough right now and you could use a few words of advice and encouragement – or even if you feel like you’re happy and on top of things, take a little bit of time out of your day (no longer than an episode of your favourite TV programme), find a quiet space, and enjoy Anna Mathur’s words of advice. We cannot recommend it enough.

“You can feel happy AND overwhelmed… You might be having some of the most challenging times of your entire life at the moment, but you can still find joy. Think about the rainbow that comes with the storm.”
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